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Interactivity, placement and creative thinking in DS solution opens up new opportunities for our clients. Location solutions with clear and informative interfaces help customers to find their destination and the products or amenties they seek.

Ray interactive Pajatso-game
at Kamppi Center.

Craneworks develops innovative solutions and tests cutting-edge DS concepts to create unique displays that include features such as: Kinect, Facebook apps and social media integrations, interactive campaigns and Holographic 3D display solutions.

Kinect Applications

The Finnish National Theatre used motion detection in an innovative digital display installed at the Kamppi shopping centre in Helsinki to promote its stage production of the horror classic Frankenstein. The motion detector sensor recognized the presence of passersby and enticed them to participate in a game. By moving and jumping in front of the sensor players tried to wake up a digital version of the fabled creature. The digital design and production house Kuubi Productions worked with Craneworks Oy on the visual and technical implementation for this engaging interactive display.

Facebook and Other Social Media Integrations

Craneworks Digital Signage systems have integrated the power of social networks such as Facebook into several digital campaigns to optimize audience engagement and heighten visibility.. In one campaign involving Facebook integration, the top-ranked Helsinki ice hockey team Jokerit, in co-operation with the crowd entertainment company Uplause, gained over Facebook 15,000 ”likes” during the first day of the promotion.

At the Kamppi shopping centre the Craneworks digital signage system provides real-time information from Facebook including check-ins, likes, comments and other useful data on audience activity. The commercial was designed and implemented by Nitro advertising agency.

Interactive Campaigns

During the 2012 ice hockey world championship in Helsinki, Clear Channel’s Digital Downtown network introduced an interactive poll. Interactive touch screens strategically located in downtown Helsinki posed several different questions to users every day, helping to engage the public in the tournament and to effectively promote the games. Craneworks was at the heart of the campaign's visual design, implementation and follow up.

Holographic 3D Display Solutions

Craneworks now offers its clients and their audiences the exciting world of holographic displays. The technology uses standard 3D programs to create realistic content that can be viewed from different angles. Customers can move their advertising and promotional programs into a new dimension by using holographic displays that combine real world objects with 3D holographic animations to create breathtaking displays.

Other Custom Solutions

Craneworks has created several tailor made interactive campaigns for major brands.

-In a campaign to promote better air quality - “Hyvän ilman lintu” - the natural gas company Gasum installed three LED displays in three locations (2 in Helsinki, 1 in Tampere), which provided the public with current air quality data. . The digital signage displayed both historical and real time air quality information provided by the Finnish Meteorological Institute. Concept design was provided by the advertising agency SEK & Grey.

-Craneworks collaborated with Clear Channel, the communications company Hasan & Partners and the digital advertising agency Byroo to create a campaign known as “Make your own ad” for the teleoperator DNA. Craneworks integrated a live outdoor webcam feed into the DNA website to help web visitors create content for display on a LED screen located at Helsinki's Kamppi shopping centre. The consumer-generated content was then shown on the DNA website.

The Finnish Red Cross Blood Bank
In an effort to build awarenees about the need for blood donations, Craneworks worked with the blood bank of the Finnish Red Cross to create an interactive “Blood-o-meter” display showing real time blood donation information. The outdoor digital screens were deployed near blood donation stations in the bustling cities of Helsinki and Tampere. The campaign ensured that passerby could see which blood types were in short supply and that they could instantly contribute blood at the nearest donation point.

More innovative solutions:

  • Sonera Ruutustara interactive game with Dagmar & FWD where different shopping center locations were competing against each others.
  • Little Red Riding Hood Kinect campaign at Kamppi in co-operation with Delicode. Passerbys' face mapped to Little Red Riding Hood character and picture was sent to Facebook for later viewing.
  • Valentines Day SMS campaign in co-operation with Headlong Group. Users were able to send Valentines Day -greetings via SMS to Helsinki Downtown Digital outdoor totems.
  • Helsingin Sanomat iPad campaign with interactive news feed and possibility to get more info about IPad + Newspaper bundle.
  • Madonna new music video international pre-release at Kamppi indoor screens and outdoor LED screen.
  • EM football games Carlsberg score service showed real-time scores about on-going games at Helsinki Downtown Digital outdoor totems.
  • Video art at Helsinki Sokos Mannerheimintie video walls as part of World Design Capital Helsinki 2012 Year happening.