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Digital Signage in Brief

Eyes wide open and the Audience is listening – What is Digital Signage?

Digital Signage can combine large displays with sharp, colorful images, high resolution video and quality sound to challenge conventional printed advertisements and posters. Professional quality screens can be installed in the most strategic locations to attract attention. Digital Signage is also widely used for information such as maps and finder services, product updates and location services for public areas.

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Digital Signage Outdoors

Digital Signage provides customers with a responsive and up-to-date advertising and information system. Compared to traditional advertisement channels, DS screens can be updated instantly and dynamically. New content can be updated in multiple locations and on several screens instantly, allowing our clients to easily manage content across a wide array of displays and venues.

Craneworks Digital Signage solutions are also very flexible and are custom made to suit our clients' requirements and specifications.

Digital Signage in Showcases and Shops

Digital Signage provides a modern and attractive way to draw customers' attention to products and services. Well-placed screens with sharp and colorful images ensure that your message is clear and visible. Strategically-located DS with clear and well-crafted advertising can contribute to increased sales.

Digital Billboards – The BIG Screens

Giant billboards located outdoors are some of the most visible Digital Signage solutions. Using the latest LED technology, large high quality screens displaying crisp colors can be deployed at the most attractive city locations. Massive outdoor screens can attract the attention of thousands and are sure to stand out among traditional print billboards.

Digital Signage vs. Static Traditional Billboards

Cost-effectiveness is one of the key advantages offered by Digital Signage solutions. Printing and installing large traditional billboard images can be expensive and time consuming. Printed billboards are also static. Digital Signage ensures that advertising content can be updated and published instantly at a fraction of the cost required for traditional print advertising.

Moreover Digital Signage allows advertisers to make use of a variety of content types, including television commercials, print images and other digital content. Television commercials in particular are not limited to any specific timetables and and the content can be profiled to target specific audiences.

Public transportation

Digital Signage can be deployed in buses and trains to target an immobile audience with time to view and read their messages. Advertisers and public authorities can therefore take advantage of the time commuters spend in public transportation for the effective dissemination of information using the right tools, such as Digital Signage.

Digital Signage Indoors

Shopping Malls

Digital Signage has become almost commonplace in shopping malls today. Large well-positioned screens provide information and display advertising for masses of potential customers visiting shopping centers. Location services and maps can also help guide shoppers to the desired stores and amenities as well as other locations.

Public Buildings and Locations

Targeted information in the appropriate locations can help guide and inform people in public places.

Airports and Stations

Nowadays it is almost impossible to find an airport without Digital Signage solutions displaying flight and location information or advertising. The right solutions ensure that travellers can effortlessly find shops, terminals and traveller services.

Shops and Markets

Individual shops can advertise easily and cost effectively with DS solutions, while high quality DS screens offer customers a good preview of available products and services. Fast and dynamically updated product and service information can highlight promotions, sales and other information to help attract and guide customers.

Industry and Production

Digital Signage can be applied to traditional industry to display essential information updates as well as safety guidelines. Production figures can be displayed in real-time to provide efficiency indicators in manufacturing environments. Critical safety information can also be prominently displayed to provide workers with clear instructions for emergency situations.


  • Viewers respond more intensely to moving pictures and sound than to static text and images, a fact confirmed by many researchers. Our multimedia displays therefore increase the impact of customers' DS solutions on viewers
  • Digital Signage can boost sales activity. According to some studies, DS advertising can increase product sales by up to 70 % compared to products with no advertising!
  • Solutions can be tailored for outdoor and indoor applications
  • Craneworks Digital Signage systems are scalable and flexible to meet many display requirements and specifications
  • Solutions offer fast , easy and low-cost content production and updates for our customers' convenience
  • Components are high quality, increasing impact and optimizing our customers' DS investments